• Source… is a facebook page, a youtube channel or video or a twitter account or hashtag.
  • Feed… is the textual contribution of a social network user whether in the form of a post, a comment on a certain post or a reply to a comment.
  • Author… is the person who writes a feed.
  • Like… is the clicking of the like button on a facebook post or comment or reply or a youtube video or a twitter tweet.
  • Dislike… available in you tube only.
  • Views… is the number of views for a certain video clip -e.g. an advertisement, an episode or a short clip.
  • Share… is the sharing action taken by a user to a post, a video or a tweet.
  • Object… a person, a company, a product that exist in an author ‘s feed.
  • Subject… the main topic that is discussed in a feed (may be more than one subject in a certain feed).
  • Feature… a specific characteristic of an object -e.g. the price of a product, the voice of a singer …etc.
  • Feeling… the human feeling expressed in a feed regarding an object or a subject.
  • Appreciation… is the tone of the feed written by an author with regard to a certain object or subject.
  • Offensiveness… if the feed contains a violent, offensive or impolite wording.
  • Buzz… a measure for the amount of spread of a certain object, subject or feed. This is typically represented by the number of impressions related to it.
  • Users’ engagement… a measure for the amount of contributions by the users to a certain object, subject or feed.