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Users’ interactions analysis

One of the very important features of digital marketing is the ability to open communication channels with its users. One can always listen to his/her product ‘s customers and prospects, identify their needs and opinion. Then take the proper action to increase their degree of satisfaction or handle their complains. We should never forget that in the cyber world, word of mouth makes a lot of difference.


Let us start by identifying the influencers -i.e. Influencers are those users who lead the crowd. Their posts and interactions receive the highest buzz. When identified, those influencers can be approached to get the best positive buzz you dream of.


For each brand or content, there are cheerers -i.e. some  social network users who make the most number of likes and positive interactions. While the majority of them are real fans of the brand, there are some others who are related to the brand in a way or another.


Then comes the satisfied and unsatisfied customers. We should listen and respond to what they say either as a group or even on individual basis.


If you ask any page or channel admin, 100% he/she will tell you that they are tired of spams (As it is with everyday’ s email, there are many people who tries to intrude our privacy through pushing irrelevant messages either trying to sell something or delivering an irrelevant message. Best Brands© utilizes it semantic capabilities to identify such spams and list them for you). Let their lives be easier and identify spams and spammers or even remove them automatically.