Viewership, buzz, liking, sharing …etc.

Quantitative analysis depends mainly on the published numbers on social networks. For example, the number of likes, comments, shares …etc. Each of such numbers is very indicative to a certain angle of information.

In the annual report, each of the above insights are processed and presented in a comprehensive manner that delivers a precise conclusion. Some examples are as follows…

  1. Categorized viewership analysis by entity/campaign, by advertisement copy/episode, or by scene.
  2. While viewing itself could be due to  paid advertisements -i.e. sponsored videos and pictures by the brand owner or digital marketing agency, individual shares adds a very important insight since they are very indicative to the real audience interest.
  3. Quantitative commenting (since qualitative commenting will be discussed in another post) means a lot. Numbers alone represents the volume of buzz (or talks) that identifies audience interest in the associated object or subject.
  4. Same for liking and disliking by entity, copy or scene since viewing or sharing themselves may not be necessarily as a symptom of appreciation.

In the above figure, illustrative numbers of the results gained by various entity types are presented.