The digital era

In the second half of the 18th century -i.e. 1750 and after- the basic challenge for the human civilization was to conquer the barrier of the human hand power and jump to utilize the machines power. Through utilizing the wood, coal, oil, electricity up to the nuclear powers, new tools existed not replacing the human hand but helping it to perform better and achieve things that it was not able to do before. Accordingly, the humankind was able to make big jumps in providing better life for everybody.

It was normal that it took many people a long time at the beginning of this transition period -i.e. shifting from the human hand capabilities to machines capabilities- to cope with the new environments. During these years (that were different from a society to another), there were severe social turbulence within each society between the people who were able to digest and utilize such new technologies and those who were lagging. Nevertheless, after a while things stabilized and the fruits of the industrial revolution has reached almost everybody.

During the last couple of decades, we can easily notice that there is a bigger jump in the human history. The new challenge is different. It is no more the human arms.  It is much more sophisticated and it is much more difficult to cope with. The new technologies are now a days trying to help the human mind to be more efficient and productive. The digital technologies represented in the communication and information technologies are doing great in opening new horizons for the human kind.

Again, not everybody is able to cope with at the same pace. It is even more difficult because it is not related only to the physical skills and talents of the persons. It related to their way of thinking, attitudes and behavior. It adds to the problem that there is no physical boundaries like before -e.g. distance- that can protect any society until being ready.

In this blog, I will try to express my thoughts about the above. Some of them may be not related to a specific culture or society. But being an Arabic/Egyptian, I think that most of my posts will be focusing on the Arabic societies and even a more focus into the Egyptian society.

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