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Using attractive contents as a media to deliver marketing messages to prospect audience has been always a successful tactic of advertisers


Ramadan is a very special month in the Arabic region. During the last 5 or 6 decades, people exerts some good part of their times watching TV channels drama series and programs. They stay waiting for them. And accordingly, it rises as a great opportunity for advertisers to use this for delivering their messages.


So, advertisers started to seek brilliant ideas, huge production, beloved celebrities to come up with attractive advertisements that pulls the attention of their prospect audience and be remembered. Advertisers have excelled in this to a degree that people now are not only eager for the seasonal drama and TV programs, but they are also eager to watch the new advertisements that usually bring to them nice ideas, beloved celebrities, enjoyable music and cheerful fantasy.

Traditionally, radio stations and TV channels was the media of choice. However, in the digital era, on-line is the trending word. As the ICT technologies and social media platforms evolve, many people started to shift their focus from the TV screens to their computers, laptops and smartphones screens. And accordingly, content producers and advertisers were obliged to use the new media as the platform for their contents and marketing.

In this report, we shall use our data gathering and text analysis technologies to provide a macro and micro vision to what is happening on the social networks with regards to Ramadan drama and advertisements. We hope that you will benefit from the insights we are going to deliver.