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Fetch Logo with Motif 1In each single minute of every day in our lives, there are many thousands of newspapers’ articles, Blog and social networks’ posts that may affect your business. Such BIG DATA volumes cannot be monitored manually. They need efficient software systems to crawl and monitor.

EyeTypical crawling is not the optimum solution. In a typical internet pages, a big part of the page may be out of your interests. References to other sections and advertisements are just an example. Accordingly you will get irrelevant data resulting irrelevant information and will also cost much more computer resources (processing, storage, band-width …etc.). Computers also need structured data to process and most of the sources are not structured.

Fetch Cloud© handles all the above for you. It will…

  • Monitor a wide list of online sources –e.g. newspapers, Blogs, social networks and almost all types of web portals.
  • Give you the ability to add/Edit/Delete any source.
  • Get the required relevant sections of each web page reliving you from the unnecessary burdens.
  • Extracts the relevant data into their proper fields –e.g. date, title, article, media, author name; gender; location …etc.
  • Classify them into their proper subjects –e.g. Politics, Business, Arts, Sports …etc.
  • Fetch their associated social networks’ posts, shares, likes …etc.
  • Use Fetch Semantic Search Tools (Fetch SST©) to locate the required mentions.
  • Make all the above at your fingertips as RSS, XML, JSON and in many other formats.

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